Different Sides of the Fence

She saw the fox cubs at the bottom of the garden. Hidden by the dense foliage of the rhododendron bush Jennie watched them play on the sun warmed lawn and felt an odd sense of loss, a primal longing. She wondered if their mother was in the woods just over the fence, watching too.
‘Jennie!’ commanded the voice from the house. ‘Come in, Good dog.’
As she walked back up the garden path she heard the mournful sound of a hunting horn and the thunder of hooves.

You miss her too


In our garden
under a cool
October sun
I watch as
you crumble
Fall slowly
in your grief
Crushing plants
Dislodging petals

I slide my hands
beneath you
Between the cool
leaves and
your warmth
I gently lift you
Cry into
your limp body
Weep soft tears

I carry you
to your bed
Cover your grief
with her gown
A shroud of scent
to remind you
of her
You miss her too
You faithful friend