imageI am in my mid 60s, on the last lap of a life that has been a journey of experiences, mostly of normality but also of sad, sometime heartbreaking periods, funny moments, moments of high hilarity. These experiences inform my writing. I began my writing career by contributing stories to my daughter’s blog, memoirs about my life and her childhood. Joining a writing group mentored by the poet James Morgan Nash has led to an interest in poetry and fiction writing. For most of my working life I was a designer, so while not well schooled in formal English, l enjoy the craft of writing. Using words and phrases I see there is construction and architecture in the creation of poems and stories.

My book Memory Spill, a memoir of my childhood in Scotland is available on Amazon. I have contributed to The Pulse of Everything, an anthology of poetry and prose and I am a regular contributor to the American literary website The Drabble.

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  1. Thank you for your comment. As you will know from my ‘End of term’ post I am fairy new to fiction and poetry and I have liked the challenge of writing 100 word fiction. I have looked at your site and I find it refreshing and informative that you reveal your writing thought processes. Since setting up my blog I’ve been inundated with a tsunami of blank verse bloggers! It’s great to find someone with a wide range of writing genres.


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