Poems of War

Home thoughts

Beneath black skies and scattered stars
The trenches weave like unhealed scars
The land betwixt shell ploughed and sown
With broken bodies of men unknown
Their souls held fast by cloying clay
Or wire’s barbed and coiled array
Wraiths watching us poor sods that live
With only our wretched lives to give
As we march forward to fight and die
The ghosts of the already dead sigh
Will I live to see my home anon
Has my future briefly dreamt, gone

Comrades in death

We differ not, from the wrecked limbers
broken bodies or splintered copse timbers
That lie strewn over no man’s land
We differ not, we who can still stand
To shake a limb at a shrieking shell
Or crouch in terror in this unholy Hell
We differ not, as we curse the fates
That brought us to where death awaits
He seeks us out. The machine gun’s scythe,
Snipers bullet or shrapnel. We fall and writhe
In trench, shell hole or hung on barbed wire
For God, King and country we die under fire.

Remember me

Ask not what happened or how did I die
It matters not where on this battlefield I lie
My soul will make the long march home
Along tree lined roads, across fields loam
And walk our path through blossom scent
To clutch you to me in sorrowful lament
And wipe the warm tears from your face
For you held me close in this heartless place
When in trembling terror I wept with fear
As horrors seen peeled back sanity’s veneer
Hold in your memory the man you wed
Not the soldier in a war where virtue fled


I am working on a epistolary writing project and needed poems that the main character , a WW1 soldier, would have written. I composed these poems which I hope capture the tone and style of the time.