The Precipitation of Tears

On the streets of London, Manchester
and Kabul
In the homes of Syria, Paris
and Mosul
Is there a Richter Scale
to measure the sadness?
Or a depth in fathoms
to describe the grief?
Can the precipitation of tears
be gauged to tell us
when the weeping will end?
Is all this, this heartbreak
how it will always be?



4 thoughts on “The Precipitation of Tears

  1. Lovely Sandy. As for your question it’s certainly how its always been in the history of humans. Change happens on the microscale though – each seemingly inconsequential interaction we have at the bus stop, in the supermarket, at work etc is a chance to demonstrate the kind of actions we want to see in the world.


    1. Thank you for your reply Mek. You are right: it is the small acts of kindness that matter most. The human race is, and has always been, too vast and complex an entity for any meaningful and lasting changes to be made. There are too many factions unwilling to live and let live!

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