The weekend




Hi Beth

We’re having such a wonderful time. Still can’t believe we won the Agatha Christie Murder Weekend competition.

Hotel’s lovely, just as promised on Facebook. All in Art Nouveau style. Even the newspapers in the reception are all dated 27 May 1922, the date of the ‘murder’. It’s like we’ve gone back in time!

Things haven’t changed much. The Daily Mail headline is about Rudolf Valentino being arrested for bigamy! Lenin’s had a stroke. There’s even a report about a fire in this very hotel, imagine tha…………………..


“The email just stops there.” Said the builder. “Found it under the rubble of the old hotel ruin that we’re clearing. Screen’s cracked, but I charged the it up and found this email. Thing is, it shouldn’t be there. Nothing been disturbed here since the fire.”

Sergeant Simmons, despite the day’s warmth shivered.

“What’s really odd Sarge; the iPad’s date. Look, 1922!!”

The task given to my writing group was to write a piece of 150 words with the title The weekend. I enjoy the challenge of editing such short stories, trying to convey the story line and making the narrative flow with so few words. 

6 thoughts on “The weekend

    1. Thanks Mek. I work on an iPad and once I thought of Agatha Christie I looked up the events. 27th May was just the day of the creative writing group meeting when I would read out my ‘homework’!


  1. Hi, Sandy, thanks for looking at my blog. I go to a WEA writing class on Fridays as well- snap! They are great for developing your skills and meeting friendly, talented people.


    1. Hi Linda. Thanks for your comment. Yes, the writing group has expanded my writing skills. I had been, for three or four years, writing memoirs about my childhood in Scotland. Now I enjoy writing fiction and poetry. Joining my group was the best thing I have done!

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