Dark mind

imageThis is my attempt at writing a sonnet. Devilish stuff, but challenging, and as James Nash our tutor says, writing sonnets will strengthen our writing skills. James gave us the first line. My sonnet took a life of it’s own and turned into a poem about depression. From my bedroom window there is an area of grass that floods in heavy rain and frequently a heron, statuesque, stands sentinel.




Dark mind

Rain falls softly across the flooded field
As I look forlornly at the sad landscape
Inside my heart, I feel my fate is sealed
For, from this dark room, l cannot escape

The heron, statuesque, stands sentinel
In the still water, all seeing, knowing all
An augur, possessor of wisdom’s pearl
Pays no mind to my cry, my primal call

But, the heron slowly leaves, takes flight
Mellow morning sun soothes my despair
Mind aroused, I will endure the dark night
Resist my demons as they leave their lair

As time, embezzler of the lives it steals
We endure, suffer, but our fate, it seals

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