Falling for you


imageThis is an exercise in ‘Flash fiction’. We had to write a piece of fiction in 150 words. We had to create the character, set the scene and give a sense of atmosphere.






Falling for you

It is a few short steps to the edge. It will soon be over.

It is exactly a year since he died. My twin brother, my best friend and soul mate. Knitted with the same pins our Grannie once said.

Standing at the very edge I look down. I brace myself, search for my inner courage. I think of Ben, I know he will be with me all the way. With me, like he always was.

I lean forward, slowly, then fall through the air. I feel it stream through my hair, rushing across my face, across my body. I tumble then straighten as the surface rushes towards me. This is it.

Sudden blackness, a silent void. Peace.

There is a light shimmering in the distance. It expands, grows as I move towards it. Then in a spray of water I surface. Flags waving, cheering, shouting.
That one was for you Ben.

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